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Solar Products

At DDSH Technologies Pvt Ltd, we supply and export different variants of Solar Products to our clients across the globe. The range of our Solar products includes Solar Photovoltaic Modules, Solar FM Radio, Solar LED Torch, Solar Home Lighting System, Solar Mobile Charger, Solar Camping Lights, Solar Portable LED Lamp, Solar Mobile Charging Bag, Solar Lighting Poles, Solar Charger Controller, Solar Tubular Battery and Solar LED Lights.

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Solar Photovoltaic Modules

Based in Singapore, we are the leading suppliers and exporters of the Solar Photovoltaic Modules available in the range of 5Wp to 300Wp. The cell type used in it could be Mono or Multi crystalline that is made of the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. The frame is composed of Anodized Aluminium. Since we serve only quality products we


Solar Water Pumps

With a huge power rating of 0.5 to 4 horsepower alongside a range of 500 Wp to 4000 Wp, Solar Water Pumps are exported and supplied by us from Singapore. The bore well is deepened from 10 to 200 meters and the flow rate of water is 1200 LPD to 60000 LPD. These water pumps can be installed at any remote site. Loss of energy


Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels are available in 1 and 2 kilowatt sizes and can be used for lighting, ventilation, power for field, communication radios, satellite phones and GPS systems. Electricity for room lighting can be produced from the window shades and wall paper. These solar panels can be considered as portable chargers for few


Solar Power Systems

Solar power system is exported and supplied from our Singapore based unit. This product is available in the range 0.3KWP to 5 KWP and operates on Hybrid solar systems. AC mains Power, Solar Power and DG power are utilized for its functioning. We also have a reverse power protection for this product. The product comes with a battery backup of 2


Fixed Solar Panels

We are the leading suppliers and exporters of Fixed Solar Panels, based in Singapore. Our company is completely certified with IEC 61215 and IEC61730 Class A certificates. We provide 5 years of warranty of our products along with 25 years power generation guarantee. The solar panels produced by our company are extremely


Solar LED Lights

These Solar LED Lights are exported and supplied by us from Singapore. We are the biggest exporters and suppliers of these super bright LED lamps that come with the CREE made LEDs. The LED lighting that you can get from us usually varies from 20W to 150W. The working voltage requirement is 12V or the 24V DC. It is a top notch


Solar Tubular Battery

Solar Tubular Battery is a sealed and a maintenance free product that uses VRLA AGM/GEL technology for operation. The operation of the battery requires a working voltage of 12V/24V. We are leading exporters and suppliers of this product based in Singapore and work with a prime objective of satiating our customers with our


Solar Charger Controller

Solar Charger Controller is exported and supplied by us from Singapore. It works on the PWM or the MPPT tracking technology and has an input voltage of 12V/24V DC. There is an intelligent charger controller that makes use of sunlight and has time control for LED bulbs or lambs. There is an intelligent light sensor that will


Solar Lighting Poles

Solar Lighting Poles are made from a fine quality material. The key preference for the material is hot dipped galvanized surface. The height of this pole usually varies from 6 – 10 meters and is available both as Single arm or Double arms. For proper operation, it requires a wind speed capacity of about 150 km/h. Based in


Solar Mobile Charging Bag

The Solar Mobile Charging Bag is exported and supplied by us, from Singapore. You can use it for mobile charging. It has an external battery pack that receives charging directly from the sun. Now, this product is available to you at an affordable price in any part of the world. Our prime focus is customer satisfaction thus we


Solar Portable LED Lamp

The Solar Portable LED Lamp is exported and supplied straight from our homeland i.e. Singapore. It has an LED Power of 1W, 16 nos and a battery capacity of 2200 mAh. When fully charged, it gives an output of 8 hours. You can charge it from the A.C outlet and the sun. This solar portable LED lamp is eco-friendly and sold by us


Solar Camping Lights

Solar Camping Lights have a battery capacity of 1700 mAh. They are compact and light weight. The ABS Cover on the solar camping lights makes it durable and handy. Based, in Singapore, we are the leading suppliers and exporters of the Solar Camping Lights that can be from the A.C outlet and the sun. Further, the quality of the


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